Why Beat the Heat is the 51st Shade of Gray

My camera tripod and fast melting ice cream
Summer in the Philippines feels like a hot oven exhaust.There’s no amount of fresh, cool ice cream that can sooth one’s overheated body from ultimately cooling off. This brings me to a time travel in the past when I was doing a sunset shoot and boy the day was burning hot. An unforgiving punisher. 
For quite some time, I’ve gathered quite a few images of coastal beach landscapes, seascapes and whilst it’s summertime why not I share these pictures and give you an idea of some travel destinations up North Luzon, Philippines so you can,  ultimately beat the heat! 


This is a hidden destination which only a few know, mostly locals.
I dovetailed a separate blog link here for you to find out. 
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The nearest coastal place to where I live is San Juan, La Union and it’s literally the surfing kingdom of North Luzon.
In surfing age is just a number A young local surfer ripping the waves
Dude ! Bring binoculars and bay watch

Urbiztondo, San, Juan, La Union

Stone Gatherer of Luna La Union Philippines

In Luna La Union (Ilocos Sur) the beaches there are not recommended for swimming, however, it is a destination to chill out and enjoy the cool coastal wind, cool brine sea sprays. 
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 Sinait Coastal viewing Badoc Sanctuary Island  Badoc Sanctuary Island

Siwangag Cove

Some destinations have cool hidden rewards awaiting at the end. Whilst trekking Batad Rice Terraces always tell your local Ifugao guide to get you to Tappiyah Waterfalls. Tourists, locals enjoy a swim at the clear and cool water spot.

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The Unconventional Guide to the 8th Wonder of the World


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