A Guide to Mount Ulap Cloud Mountain Ampucao Itogon Benguet

Mount Ulap Mount Cloud
Name: Mt. Ulap or Cloud Mountain 

Jump Off: Ampucao Itogon Benguet
Exit Point: Sta. Fe Itogon Benguet
Elevation: 1846 MASL
Difficulty: 3/9 (according to Pinoy Mountaineer)
Features: Grassland and Pine ridges. Scenic views of the Cordilleras. Burial Caves.

Arrived here by jeepney ride at the crossing of Ampucao Barangay. Itogon, Benguet. 
Public utility jeepneys can be accessed at Lakandula Mercury Drug beside Baguio Center Mall, Baguio city. 
Fare Php31.00 going to Barangay Ampucao Elementary School
Friendly locals and playful dogs (they don’t bite unless provoked).
You won’t miss this sign … just follow …
A MUST! Once at the Ampucao Barangay Hall
Pay the environmental fee 
trek / guide fees 
As of Jan 2017

-Registration Fee Php100 

Guide Fee @ P600/5 pax- Php120/pax

Proceed to the starting point with your guide.
My first image of the trail. Err to the side of comfort and safety by traveling light. 
One DSLR camera (1 wide and 1 telephoto) …
Second stop over … You won’t miss this … 
 Also photo sessions / selfies,  (for posterity purposes, etc.)
Mount Cabuyao Tuba, Benguet Viewed from Mount Cloud
Whilst laying on the ground, i took a moment feeling the fallen pine needles, abundant ferns on the ground and just surrounded by Pine trees with the sound of cool wind passing through. Included taking the image the other trekkers enter the frame as I was enjoying a detached observer in this peaceful place.
Trekkers Over Cow Barricade 
Respect the cows grazing. 
Near Ambanaw Paway 1st Peak 1788 mASL 3.6 km
Uphill Climb
Benguet Views
Ampucao Itogon landscape views
Navigating downwards 
Whilst taking pockets of rest during the eco-trail trek, 
here’s a relaxing view which removes physical/mental “tiredness” away. 
Little House Mt. Ulap Cloud Mountain Ampucao Itogon Benguet 
Home Amongst Beautiful Scenery
More Mountains …
Ambanaw Paway 1st Peak 
1788 mASL 3.6 km 
Ampucao Itogon Benguet
Downhill then up again …
Mount Cabuyao (left) and Baguio City on the (right)
“Petrified” tree …
Mount Cabuyao (left) and Baguio City on the (right)
Mount Cloud Flora 
Meditation at Mount Cloud
Photo extract…
Balance …photo extract
Porter cum guide as local livelihood
Made it at the 2nd peak
 Eco-Trail Local Guide cum Porter Livelihood 
In this image are hardworking and skilled local mountain trek guides. There exists an association of local guides in Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet and this is one of the livelihoods where disposable income derived goes to family expenses, food, clothing, utilities, school allowance, etc., There were an estimated 100+ guides who assisted trekkers last Sunday’s trek.Local guides are indispensable partners when trekking mountains esp. for newbies. They make sure you follow trek rules/guidelines and most importantly begin and finish the trek safely.
Trekkers doing Posterity shoots …
Behind the scenes …

My personal photo-documentation 

When: 22 January 2017 
Unplanned trek … serendipity … 

A Photographer’s Guide to Mount Ulap Cloud Mountains Ampucao Itogon Benguet Part Two Going Back coming soon …



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