The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Baguio City Horses

If you happen to be in Baguio City, never miss out on the experience of seeing and/or riding a horse. Horseback riding is one of the local sources of livelihood and a contributor to the local labor/tourism industry indices.


Horseback riding with a guide in the Baguio forests is not only fun and therapeutic, like a sort of open- eyed meditation whilst plugged in with your relaxing Zen music Enjoy the nature scenery of Baguio.


Wright Park Horse Tree Area is a forested area located at Baguio City adjacent to Pacdal Circle rotunda beside Jose Rizal Elementary School which is used primarily as a sun shade and horseback riding promenade for visiting tourists and locals. The area is encircled by an unpaved soil horse track which becomes muddy when it rains and dusty during summertime.

Horse riders can also explore and go inside its forested area with their horse guides. This promenade is well lit at night by a good number of streetlights.

Wright Park Horse Tree Area is one of the few sought after and highly recommended city tourist attraction/destination to learn guided and basic horse riding.

Get your children, friends, family members, relatives, visitors experience their first horse ride. There is no substitute for the great outdoors as it embeds deep experiences of the young and old compared to handheld/desktop device-driven technology which is ephemeral/short-lived entertainment.

If you’re inexperienced or just too scared to ride the horse alone, Baguio City Pony Boy’s horseback riders, guides can assist you and also ride the horse with you.

If you’re into model/portrait photography …
or you want to take a cool picture of your girlfriend …
Pose them riding on a horse and can surely make a lot of difference … Epic shots! 
As I’ve just mentioned earlier, the horseback riding activities are for ordinary city tourists/locals. However, if you’re into serious equine-nature photography, humbly, here are some suggestions.

Start the day by waking up very early, I suggest around 5:30 am so you can shoot Baguio sunrise in the forest.

You will not miss  Wright Park Horse Stable Hill which is  a natural setting where horse activities like stable horse caretakers feeding their horses, grazing, etc., can be observed and photographed.

You can get good action captured by the moment sunrise equine and stable horse caretaker/owner photos. 

If you miss out the early morning, there are also midday/noon horse feeding activities you can photograph.


Photo documenting equine horse grooming is best candidly. Bring and use a telephoto lens. Horse stable boys/caretakers bathing their horses. General rule: No horse gets to their day’s business (horseback rental) without getting a decent bath.
General rule: No horse gets to their day's business (horseback rental) without getting a decent bath

Photo documenting equine horse grooming is best candidly.
Horse stable boys/caretakers bathing their horses.

Horse stable boys/caretakers bathing their horses.

Proper and well prepped equine
with horse bridle, saddle, cowboy hat, etc., 
(leather custom made horse accessories 
locally made in Baguio City)
Well prepped horses are lined up for rent at 
Wright Park Pony Boy’s Association Horse Staging Area.
Equine Grazing at Wriht Park Horse Stable Hill Baguio CityPhilippines

Horses are grazing animals.I love taking photos of grazing horses in the wild. In Baguio forests, you’ll never miss out one seeing one horse grazing at Baguio City Wright Park Horse Stable Hill.Capture images of horses grazing especially during sunrise do add to the sense of composition, lighting, etc., in your photographs.

Near the Horse’s stable hill is the Wright Park Forest Tree Hill can be found right after Wright Park Pony Boy’s Association Staging Area where you can take nature shots.

Usually, horse stable caretakers/owners leave their horses unattended on site So you can take as many pictures from a safe distance again, without disturbing the horses whilst feeding/grazing.

Word of advice, use a telephoto lens or just keep a safe distance from the horse since they don’t want to be disturbed during their yummy grass break times.

Use the shade where partially lit areas to expose the horse.


Simply put, at the end of the day, a horse owner, stable boy, caretaker, horse guide goes home with a decent hard day’s money for himself/his family of course also for his horse.

P.S. Some equine sites include Camp John Hay.



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