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A Philippines Travel Destination Street Dancing Festival the 13th Lang-Ay

Philippines Travel Destination Street Dancing Festival


Last year, my photography colleague and founder of Mukha Ng Baguio, (MnB) Pogz, myself and MnB colleagues attempted a Mukha ng Cordillera cultural photo-documentation of the Lang-ay Festival and was met with lots of unforeseen circumstances, conflicts of schedule, and the untimely demise of Mountain Province‘s Honorable Governor Leonard Mayaen on March 31, 2016, prompted the organizers of the Lang-ay Festival to reconsider the schedule of events in the province’s festival for 2017. This is one of my journeys to the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) which is not undertaken solo. I remember way back when I was working with the government NEDA-CAR and DTI-CAR that I frequent CAR (Abra, Benguet, Mt. Province, Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao) but strictly on a business affair and I was not into photography. Little did I know that I was somewhat pre-destined to photo-document these culture-rich destinations.

S I D E   S C E N E S

January this year, we at MnB were in a must do it or we’re still just writing on water planning scenario. Time is our friend and when everything got whittled down and ended up with a six man and 1 woman photo-documentation team composed of a full-time journalist (Harley), two full-time professional photographers (Ric & Elicon), a full-time businessmen (Pogz)  and his staff (Victor), a full-time driver (Remm), and myself who all traveled in a van for a one night weekend to Bontoc, Mountain Province. We left Baguio City very early Saturday morning and around 5:40 a.m (Ric) declared a mandatory alkaline drain pitstop or pee-stop for all the guys. It was also a perfect side scene opportunity to test our acclimatized DSLR cameras.
Man Dawn Besao
Morning dawn was in its forward tic tac uninterrupted motions whilst we were all physically on the road. There was no vehicle traffic and as if we had the whole road all to ourselves to enjoy. The soliloquy talkative side of me kept mumbling that I take calculated underexposed images and I took the risk. I trusted my gut feel avoided middle exposure the shot right the skylight would not turn out right. The risks paid off and I was able to come up with this image dubbed “Man Dawn” which is the interplay of single human element leading lines of water PVC tubings/pipings, landscape, and hazy atmosphere and most importantly nature’s ambient light.
Morning Has Broken at Besao-Panabungen Road

Speaking of light which got me to this another image dubbed “Morning Has Broken at Besao“. To be more exact that was at  Besao-Panabungen Road, Mountain Province where we stopped. A well spent time on a side scene.  


breakfast quote The Mansion unquote
Saturday at 8:07 a.m. we took a quick stop and  thanks to the courtesy and hospitality of his Honorable Governor Bonifacio Calde Lacwasan Jr. who sponsored the breakfast at the “the Mansion” to all journalists/media covering the Lang-ay. Harley’s foresight makes him a gifted psychic for predicting the outcomes that having breakfast at the Local Gov’t Unit (LGU) dig was faster rather than waiting for breakfast at the hotel we checked in. I also made sure that I got started first with a hot drink of locally home brewed caffeine-rich black coffee and that kept me wide awake. The festive colored tarpaulin banner left me  surprised to know that there are many hidden travel destinations which are awaiting to be discovered here in the Mountain Provinces.
  •  Lake Tufob (Charol, Barlig);
  •  Layaan Burial Cave (Poblacion, Bauko);
  •  Besao Sunset (Kin-iway, Besao);
  •  Kaman-Utek (Balili, Bontoc);
  •  Tonglayan Rice Terraces (Tonglayan, Natonin);
  •  Mabarotbot “Bubbling Mud” (Bantay, Paracelis);
  •  Dagiwdiw Rice Terraces (Poblacion, Sabangan);
  •  Anabel Rice Terraces (Anabel, Sadanga);
  •  Sumaguing Cave (Suyo, Sagada); and
  •  Gawaan Lake (Besao, Tadian).
Time was of the essence and I and my buddies got to the nearest hotel and left our pieces of baggage and instantly freshened up. Good photography habits develop throughout time and that I and my photographer companions informally and naturally take seriously Behind-the-Scenes images especially pre-parade images where the participants are in assembly, relaxed mode, no sweating and adrenalin induced scenes yet. Just all being them ready for candid or posed shots.

W O R D   U P

“Lang-ay” by the way is a yearly fellowship of Mountain Province which is comprised of ten municipalities namely: Barlig, Bauko, Besao, Bontoc, Natonin, Paracelis, Sabangan, Sadanga, Sagada and Tadian. 
Behind the scenes young kid sitting bontoc cultural parade participant

Lang-ay is a native term which means to celebrate the unique individuality in a confluence of the ten municipalities of Mountain Province which involves  a performance of cañao ceremony with activities involving sacrificial offering of locally produced indigenous brewed rice wine called tapuy and home-bred pigs and if by luck mountain boar and chicken are all gracefully/peacefully butchered, rice stalk harvests and prayers/incantations/invocations  to Kabunian/God is also performed.

P R E – P A R A D E

Behind the Scenes Young Excited Cultural Parade Participant  Young and Smiling Cultural Parade Participant

Anyone can instantly absorb and sense the tone and positive vibrations of the morning’s Lang-ay festival with all of these young and exuberant and excited Lang-Ay 2017 Cultural Parade participants kidding around, light moments with their peers.

Young Adolescent and Smiling Cultural Parade Participant
Youth Young Pride of Place Cultural Parade Participant
The waiting game is like being inside an eye of a storm. Lang-ay is steeped with the high regard to universal human virtues in its traditional homegrown ways which include respect, hospitality, generosity, unity, camaraderie. This year’s Lang-Ay 2017 Festival highlights the remembrance of its warring past, situating the peaceful present and fostering the cultural integrity of Mountain Province for incoming generations and the blessings and abundance of the future.
 Rice Harvest Basket Cultural Parade Participant  Rice Harvest Basket Two Cultural Parade Participant  Three Rice Harvest Baskets Cultural Parade Participant
Rice stalks in rice woven rice baskets signify big yield, abundance, bountiful blessings … One basket…two baskets … three baskets full of golden rice harvest… All which are ready for the cultural parade.
Rice Kidding Aside Harvest Cultural Parade Participant
Click! My camera locked its focus as I took the  images. She’s (one of the Mt. Province Lang-Ay youth street dance/parade performers) who was kinda shy at first but with kindness and respect plus “suggestive coaching”, I got the shots. Her friends also gave approval. The subtle part here is to focus on is what they are wearing … the colors of hand woven tapis cloth and their demeanor... An honest to goodness, down to earth cultural indigenous Filipino pride.
 Rice Baskets Line Harvest Cultural Parade Participant  Rice Harvest Cultural Parade Participants  Rice Harvest Cultural Parade Participant Display
Here’s a more random of harvested rice stalks and Mountain Province weaves. Walking barefoot is a natural cultural practice.
Warm Motherly Duo Smiles Cultural Parade Participants Rice No Kidding Harvest Cultural Parade Participants

I’ve been documenting “pseudo-cultural commercial celebrations” in our city for years, however, this is my first time to photo-document document the real deal, authentic celebration coming from Cordillera Regions. The first was with La Trinidad Benguet’s Strawberry Festivals and also my first personal photo documenting with the Philippines Travel Destination Street Dancing Festival 13th Lang-Ay Bontoc, Mountain Province, Cordillera Administrative Region.

The Sweetest and Warmest Smile in Bontoc Mountain Province

Proof to the satisfaction of eating a pudding is that the cultural parade has not yet started and the participant’s smiles are very warm and guaranteed to melt the heart. This makes Lang-ay one of the difference amongst other festivals.

I was informed by a lady Bontoc local lady who is an expert and who supervised almost all Lang-Ay Festivals is that, the  Mountain Province municipalities bring forth to the annual festival their unique newness in many aspects – performances, choreography, teamwork, strength, unity, cooperation, etc. This dedication and commitment from the participating municipalities can be felt and seen by festival guests, tourists, visitors, and community as a whole.

Literally Snake Cartilage Necklace Cultural Parade Participant
Unseen and one of a kind cultural heirlooms or native embellishments come out for display as a pride of culture. Snake cartilages, boar tusks, wild animal fangs, hundred-year-old hand woven cloth (G-strings, tapis) headdress, woven bags “pasiking”, gangsa/gongs,  with human skeleton parts holders, wooden drums or solibao, etc., ….. handmade tribal weapons … shields, spears, battle axes, swords, etc., 
Vegetable Stalks Harvest Cultural Parade Participant
I was surprised that there exists minimalism in indigenous cultural festivals as I paid more attention to what is being presented to my mind’s eye. I did not over analyze but  I just made the composition with my camera. No struggle. Here’s a version of a “Footloose extract”
C U L T U R E   P R I D E   P A R A D E
Cultural Parade Participants Our Tribe The Gangsa Sounds
The confluence of Mountain Province’s diverse culture, traditions takes center stage in a grand street parade at Bontoc with the only rhythmic music of the danceable beat of the gangsa “gong” and solibao.
Cultural Parade To the Sound of the Gangsa and Solibao
Playing with shadows as abstract image expressions
Cultural Parade Participants Our Tribe Spears and Shields
I just did not have the luxury of time to change to a more wide angle (11-16mm). I didn’t budge and glued to the use of 18-35mm lens with my DX format camera. The dynamic nature of parades characterized as very fast changing and so I just focused my mind to capture with composition as i moved along with it.
Cultural Parade Participants Our Indigenous Women Tribe
We Got Your Backs Covered
 Woven Basket Ladies Dance and Balance  Sagada Primary Placard Group
 Our Tribe Bang a Gong  Gangsa Line Follow the Gong Dancer Leader
 Broom Head Ladies Broom Head Ladies Upclose
Parade Participant with a heavy Wooden Rice Pound
Solibao Player Upclose  Woven Basket Ladies Up Closer
Dash and Balance  Besao Young and Old The Meeting
 Municipality Dance Formations  Besao Placard Bearers  13th Lang-Ay Festival Behind the Scenes Cultural Parade Dancing Forward
Cultural Parade Spectators
 Barlig Placard Bearers
Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Upclose
Change Places Gong Dance  Stationary Street Dance and Gongs Street Dance Formations and Motions
 Woven Rice Basket Woman Motions  Grandma Can Dance Time amd Tested Unbeatable
Cordilleran Indigenous Tapis Weaves and Rice Stalk Harvest Dance
 13th Lang-Ay Festival Behind the Scenes Cultural Parade Indigenous Headress  Grandma is An Excellent Indigenous Dancer Time Tested Traditions
Age Like Wine Spear of Destiny Granda Excellent Indigenous Dance
Indigenous Street Dance Municipality Presentations
Indigenous Cultural Parade Street Dance Municipality Presentations
Cultural Parade Indigenous Street Dancing Municipality Presenations
Indigenous Parade Man with Assorted Small Woven Bags
Young Boy Indigenous Street Dancer Carrying Heavy River Stone Woven Fish Catcher
Warm Smiles Lady Tattoo Dance Indigenous Pride
Photo Tips:

Street Parade/Performances (street dance, floats, etc.,) require all your physical senses working well on a right here right now demand. I don’t wear earphones with MP3s that distracts my focus and one might get an accident taking images of incoming street dance/parade traffic. As Lang-ay presents indigenous and real deal sharp pointed spears, razor sharp axes, swords, the knives being held by the participants and the probability of getting hit with these implements are high when one’s hearing is engaged with music or if your gear gets hit or both you and your gear, it’s a bloody mess. Sometimes, fatal even and it might cost one his/her life. Always stay within safe shooting distance from the performers.

Shoot – Transition and Move. Don’t hug the “frame” as other photographers are also taking photos at your back. Be considerate for other shooters. Shoot confidently and fast.  More tips coming your way. Keep posted.

Highlights of the upcoming  Part 2/2 (in the works) of Philippines Travel Destination Street Dancing Festival 13th Lang-Ay Bontoc, Mountain Province :
> The After Parade Behind the Scenes;
> Afternoon Public Cultural Indigenous Presentations; and
> 100 Gongs Evening Celebrations.


Self Portrature DSLR timed shot at Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao Philippines at the background

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c ya 🙂

How I Played Around with a DSLR camera video and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere CC Free 7-day Trial

I don’t really take videos however, but when I do it’s one continuous video clip and it happens only in a blue moon. 

The latest Manila Auto Show 2017 held last April Fool’s Day got me soaked with sugar sweet creative liquid and tried a VLOG-like (kinda lame since there were no sound effects..haha). Since VLOG is a first person production, I will TRY to practice more on how Casey Neistat does it and come out with a better output the next time around.

My initial “Mount Everest technical hurdle” was on How to splice the video clips in one go. I did some searches on YouTube Lok Cheung with PGN Photo Gear News since he is one cool dude doing video footages.

To get me up to speed, I consulted a friend Elon Nagano when i saw him at the 2017 Colors of “A” Spectrum Photo Exhibit “Soaring High With Autism” (active link to my photo docu album) last April 04, 2017 at SM City Baguio Mall Atrium. It was timely since I got to install a FREE 7-day Adobe Premiere Pro CC trialware. I took Elon’s suggestion by lining all the video clips in the Adobe Premiere’s timeline and then followed with a nest command kinda zipped all the various clips into one video clip. There’s also an import button where you can directly launch it to Youtube.

I’ve never opened my private YouTube Channel to the public. I’ll break the rules and i’ll do a  “soft launch” for the debut of my first public video documentation of an event.

Without much ado…here’s my take on The Manila International Auto Show 2017. No video edits. Intro Cast : my brother Edwin, myself and an Uber driver. No audio cuts. What you see/hear is what you get. Hope you like it.😎

P.S. Humble gear video Nikon D7000 + Tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens.
If you get bored, hyper jump to this link to a static photo docu of MIAS 2017

How the Manila International Auto Show 2017 Can Make You Better In Taking Car Show Images Part I

Model Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 Ticket

World Trade Center Pasay Metro Manila Philippines Google Map Directions

My brother and I attended our first MIAS – Manila International Auto Show 2017 last 01 April which was held at World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippines.

#MIAS  Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 World Trade Center Pasay City Philippines
It was a very sunny summer day. We arrived via an excellent UBER ride by demand at World Trade Center in Pasay City where the MIAS 2017 is being held. 

To wet the appetite, 4×4’s parked just in front the venue gate. Click! 
Racetech sport wrangler unlimited Manila International Auto Show #mias #racetech #racetechsportwrangler #mias2017
Model Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 Ticket
I got a ticket to “ride” … let’s go inside …
Early birds
Got in … ticket booth on far back far left … “early birds” benefit a lot …
#MIAS #mias2017
thug thug thug ...
thug… thug… thug… DJ spinning supplying the event music … 
A Busy DJ Manila International Auto Show 2017  #mias2017 #mias
Busy DJ … Don’t Disturb the Groove

Photography Tips (based on my experience)
– Haste makes waste. Always prepare in advance (foresight) with the readiness of your camera, accessories. Do it right the first time. 

– For events photography, make it a point to shoot points of human interest outside/inside the event/venue. This technique starts up the storyline using still pictures. That’s a total eight images which serve as beginning/introductory in my case. There are no limits on the images. The best behind the scene images are when you have access to the venue and photo document the preparatory activities before the event proper.
– Prepare for an indoor camera shooting mode wherein usual indoor lighting is not sufficient and will require adjusting your camera settings. There are also situations when indoor lighting is excessive. I use manual preset all the time so that I have full control.

– I brought a camera Speedlight and improvised an off-camera mount using my tripod head. This is matched with a wireless radio trigger mounted on my camera and on the improvised mount.

– Always make sure to charge your Speedlight batteries in full. Bring another set of spare batteries for the camera and a speedlight. 

– Always check that you have enough camera memory cards. I use one (1) Extreme PRO SDHC/SDXC UHS-I Memory Card and a 16 GB Exceria Type 2 SDHC™ SD Cards – TOSHIBA Memory. My Nikon has two (2) separate slots which allow (2) memory cards.
Once inside… 
it’s officially Manila International Auto Show time!!! 

Manila International Auto Show 2017 #volkswagen #mias2017 #mias
Manila International Auto Show 2017 Volkswagen #mias2017 #VOLKSWAGEN #CRAFTER
Volkswagen Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 #volkswagen #wolkswagencrafter
Volkswagen Beetle Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 #volkswagen #beetle #volkswagenbeetle
#volkswagenbeetle #vwbeetle #vwredbeetle
Volkswagen Red Beetle Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 #volkswagen #beetle #volkswagenbeetle
Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines Volkswagen #mias2017 #volkswagen #passat
Mazda Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 #mazda #mazdalogo
2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines #mias2017 #mazda #mazdamx5rf #mazdamiataRFmx5 #mazdamiata2017 #mazadamiata
2017 Mazda CX-5 Crossover SUV Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines  #mias2017 #mazda #mazdacx5
2017 Mazda CX-3 Subcompact Crossover Compact SUV Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines #mias2017 #mazda #mazdacx3
Mazda CX-5 Crossover Compact SUV Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines #mias2017 #mazda #mazdacx5 #mazdacrossoversuv #mazdacx5suv2017

#Haval Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines #mias2017

#Tata #tatamotors Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017
Manila International Auto Show 2017 #Ford #mias2017 #fordisland #fordislandconquest
Manila International Car Show 2017 World Trade Center Philippines SeaOil #mias2017 #seaoil #seaoilbeliever

Photography Tips: 
– Know your camera settings very well. There is no room for guess work. Take a couple test shot/s. 

– Take isolation shots using a wide angle lens. I use a Tokina 11-16 f/2.8, a prime lens so I can capture wide stills. Frame well your shots and take note of the composition. Rule of thirds are best 

– DLSR’s has a limit in terms of its ISO noise. So, to prevent noise I make it a point not to exceed ISO 800.  

– I never shoot manual. I always shoot in AF (auto-focus mode). Since the venue’s noise level is kinda loud, I also adjust the camera beeper to be louder so I will know if I got an autofocus lock. It’s a personal preference.  

Time management.
Mobile ready – smartphone, charger, Google Map, etc.,
Travel Light. Don’t haul unnecessary camera gear.
Drink/Hydrate enough/well.
Get enough rest/sleep.
Eat – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Be always aware of personal spaces, pockets, unattended belongings.
Up next… soon ….Part II (Concluding Part) How the Manila International Auto Show 2017 Can Make You Better In Taking Car Show Images (car show models debut)

Photo equipment I utilized to photo-document the event:
Nikon DSLR 
Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight

Various Nikon Lenses 50mm 1.8G; 85mm 1.8G

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
Sigma 18-3mm Art f/1.8
Nikon Batteries
Gioto Tripod head + without legs as strobe mount
Memory Cards
Extreme PRO SDHC/SDXC UHS-I Memory Card 

16 GB Exceria Type 2 SDHC™ SD Cards – TOSHIBA Memory

How Bitdefender Total Security 2017 Protects My Photography

How Bitdefender Total Security 2017 Protects My World

How Bitdefender Total Security 2017 Protects My Photography

In the computing days of my past generation where a free simple anti-virus would do is in today’s present reality a form of “virtual harakiri or just getting ahead with your next life scenario.” Luckily, I survived. Thus to achieve an optimum level of computer security, I switched around 4th quarter last year to Bitdefender Total Security 2016 then upgraded to its latest 2017 version, all these I am thankful for the advice of my brother. 

The photography work I do is mainly with data files primarily image files and part of my world revolve around the access/use of these files with the internet. In the real world, I can only imagine a worst case scenario when my data images get stolen, ransomed, or worst deleted and that would translate to lost man-hours/productivity.     
Bitdefender Total Security 2017 Report

I am totally impressed! By far, one of the home/personal security PC/mobile software. Proof of the pudding is the eating and to that, I received an auto-generated report. How cool is that? As to date, my personal computer is fully protected. 

To further back up my personal testament,  I read from AV-comparatives dubbed the Whole Product Dynamic Real-World Protection Test with its latest revision dated 15th March 2017 and Bitdefender is one amongst “the following products (latest version available at time of testing) were tested: Adaware Pro Security
12.0, Avast Free Antivirus 17.1, AVG Free Antivirus 17.1, AVIRA Antivirus Pro 15.0BullGuard Internet Security 17.0, CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent 2.28, Emsisoft
Anti-Malware 2017, eScan Corporate 360 14.0, ESET Internet Security 10.0, F-Secure Safe 2017,
Fortinet FortiClient 5.4, Kaspersky Internet Security 2017, McAfee Internet Security 19.0, Microsoft
Security Essentials 4.10, Bitdefender
Internet Security 2017Panda Free Antivirus 18.0, Seqrite Endpoint Security 17.0, Tencent PC Manager 12.1, Symantec Norton Security 22.9, Trend Micro Internet Security 11.0 and VIPRE InternetSecurity Pro, etc.”

The report above is in PDF format report is downloadable.  

A Sneak Peek Manila International Auto Show 2017 Full Blog Coming Soon

Professional Car Show Model Manila International Auto Show 2017 #mias2017 #janny medina
Manila International Auto Show 2017 Mazda model #mias2017
#mias2017 Manila International Auto Show 2017 professional carl show model

Yesterday, my brother and I attended our first MIAS – Manila International Auto Show which was held at World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippines.

World Trade Center Pasay Metro Manila Philippines Google Map Directions

The car show started at 10 AM and is open until 10 o’clock in the evening.

The event was launched last March 30, 2017. 

Guys, today is the last day of the event April 2, 2017. Do drop by.March 30-April 2, 2017
I had fun taking photo shots, both still and video format of the event.

This is just a teaser, sneak preview of the blog. Enjoy! 🙂

Models (partial image release click here ... )

More info about MIAS 2017 Fun in progress … Car images… etc., … hang on to your seats …. vrrrmmm!


How Chasing Sunsets at Palaui Island Harbor Could Get You On OMG! Insider

Glorious Dusj Siwangag Cove Palaui Island Philippines
The Rewards of Serendipity 
San Vicente Port Cagayan Philippines Docked Motorized Outrigger Boat
I arrived at Port San Vicente Sta Ana Cagayan. A perfect sunny day and started doing photo documentation of the place. 
At San Vicente Port Cagayan Philippines Docked Motorized Outrigger Boat
Not much going around due to the time of the day. I was still groggy from the slow turtle paced bus ride i took from Baguio to Lallo, Tuguegarao then took a mini-bus finally arrived at San Vicente port.
San Vicente, Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines the end of the highway up north
I noticed something unusual about this parked red plated government SUV here near the wharf on a weekend… connect the dots. I also see a RORO at the far end of the port and by the way, this is where the Philippine North Luzon highway road ends (physically and literally). For me, that’s a personal record. 
Port San Vicente Wharf Up close Coastal Dusk Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines
On the same day, I came back to San Vicente wharf in the afternoon and rented a motorized outrigger boat headed to Siwangag Cove. The golden hour was starting to happen and in photography, this is the best times to take images due to the high quality of the light.
Left is Palui Island and Right is Port San Vicente Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines
The sea was smooth and the motorized outrigger boat was quite fast and the journey was comfortable. I’m in good hands.
Leaving San Vicente Port and wharf at the background riding a motorized outrigger boat Philippines
Notice the orange lifejacket. It’s a must to wear one so i complied. Safety first. The fishermen were exempted i guess. *Laughs*
Leaving San Vicente Port Cagayan Philippines and wharf at the background riding a motorized outrigger boat
Truth to the fact that of all the boat rides, the motorized outrigger boats of Sta Ana Cagayan is one of the best that I’ve ever ridden. The boat just skims over the water with grace and ease and you don’t feel any bumps or even feel the waves. I never got sea sick.
Port San Vicente Cagayan at the background
Worth noting are the driving “sailing” skills of two fisherman who runs the boat. One steers the boat and another a hand serves as the lookout at the backend. A well-coordinated tag team partnership. 
Fishing Boats Sta Ana Cagayan Isolated Sea Rain Coastal Dusk
Along the way, we meet a passing motorized outrigger boat speeding back to land. The sky was getting pronounced in sunset colours. 
Sta Ana Cagayan Isolated Sea Rain Coastal Dusk
This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed an isolated rainfall at sea in my life. Like a rainfall zone. Hmm… very unusual … climate change tell-tale signs … 
Dusk View of Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines
We were passing Palaui Island and the dusk skies was a glorious sight.
Beautiful Dusk Palaui Island Coastal View Cagayan Philippines
In meditation. I was just a detached observer. To get steady shots, I have to use my camera tripod as support. Also, always stayed seated during the boat ride as balance and safety were essential.  
Palaui Usland Coastal View
Just appreciating the unspoiled beauty of Palaui Island as we head to it and drawing nearer.
Palaui Island Upclose
Nearer … and closer to Palaui Island.
Northern Luzon Straight Dusk Near Siwangag Palaui Harbor Island and Camiguin Island(Horizon) Sta. Ana, Cagayan
At the distance is Northern Luzon Straight where we see Camiguin Island where dusk is currently painting the sky and seas. At the moment we’re sailing Siwangag Harbor.
Fishing Boats Siwangang Harbor Dusk Near Siwangag Palaui Island
You won’t miss out on the active fishermen folks busy with the daily livelihood grind. Again, capturing this scene was a bonus. I left the frame uncropped to add parts of the outrigger boat to situate the shot taken on the boat.
Glorious Dusj Siwangag Cove Palaui Island Philippines
I arrived at Siwangag Cove on Palaui Island. I just appreciated the fact that I made it on time and made the best of the situation. I wanted to go right on the other side of the mountain to witness the full sunset, however, by some unexplained natural forces kept me and compose this exposure shot.
eaving Siwangag Cove cyrstal Clear Waters Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines .
Leaving is such a sweet sorrow. As sundown was imminent. For more information of the Siwangag cove, do check out my earlier blog

Northern Luzon Straight Dusk Near Siwangag Harbor Palaui Island
Whilst in deep meditation watching sundown at Siwangag harbor, I immediately head out back to Sta Ana. Another 30 minutes of boat ride going back to land. I realized that now that i got inside Palaui Island, probably i am an insider.

On  a quick note, the sunset chase was a also personal success…