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Self Portrature DSLR timed shot at Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao Philippines at the background

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Myths Uncovered About Photographing Philippine Military Cadets

I write about the Philippine Military Academy on how I started taking photos of the PMA cadets/institution and personally realized photographic approaches on how I got cool images.
Philippine Military Academy Cadets Attention

I was late when I got to the venue and I thought why not I take photos on a bird’s eye view, that is shooting from above.
In those days drone technology did not yet exist. I was using a DSLR camera with a 18-55mm kit lens at 55mm when captured this. It was a scary shot from above a building rooftop. Always make safety your first priority when shooting at high vantage positions
PMA Cadets Session Road No Drone technology Shot Signature Vantage Shot
At that time the prevailing ambient lighting was not good and so I decided to capture the moment using freeze the frame ISO 800 and 250-300 shutter speed in manual mode. For personal taste, I gave it a military-grade like post-processing. 
PMA Cadets Session Road Squad Formations Vantage Shot
I just repeated the first shot this time around playing with vantage point landscape compositions.
PMA Cadets Session Road Marching Squad Formations Vantage Shot
This image I used portrait style to give it a sense of expanded vertical direction. 
PMA Cadets Sessin Road Baguio Flower Festival
Now, capture the PMA formations in landscape with the left side viewing crowd and no photo post-processing
PMA Cadets Session Road
Again, PMA formations in the landscape mode and now with the right side viewing crowd and no photo post-processing. 
PMA Cadets Session Road Vantage shot
This time an isolating shot just the PMA squad without the multitudes. Notice that I watermarked the photos. I was beginning photography then and through time, I eventually removed watermarking as just serves as a viewing nuisance and is not a guarantee/protection against image theft. 
PMA Cadets Marching Bird's Eye View Vantage Shot
One of the best positions again to shoot is using vantage point, however, this time around from a frontal position/eye view. Just enough height that you get the whole PMA marching squad exposing the foreground mid and getting the background in one click using a telephoto lens. An isolation subject matter shot.
PMA Cadets Baguio Flower Festival Vantage Capture
At the same vantage height, This time around I used a wide angle lens at portrait layout. This image now tells the story of the parade in one go. 
PMA Cadet Escorting Miss Baguio Contestant
From the streets and now moving into the limelight. Are you kidding me? Nope, The Philippine Military Academy cadets volunteer in escort action for a prestigious city beauty pageant. Truth to the matter, PMA cadets actively involve themselves in community-based social activities. This is no myth. Nightime and lowlight photography is kinda quite challenging. I humbly suggest, you also read more on out low-light photography for performing artists, bands in stadiums, gyms, outdoor venues, etc.
PMA Cadet Escort Miss Baguio Contestant
If you happen to travel to Baguio, photo-documenting PMA cadets during their Silent Drill Ceremonies would be cool. Definitely, there are no myths here. Just comply with protocols and proper decorum/guidelines when at visiting PMA grounds/facility and you’re good. ¬†¬†¬†
Effectively use framing the background with the foreground PMA marching cadets.
Frame it well with the foreground and background clearly exposed.
You can also focus on a virtue then frame the marching shot.
I accidentally bumped into the PMA Marching band up-close.
Silhouettes Рuse dark and light and bokeh. As I was at the back of a cadet doing a salute (foreground) and at back is the field with cadets in stationary march time. 
Similarly, but now expose (controlled) both foreground and background the subject in a captured by the moment approach. Freezing the subject matter.
Philippine Military Academy Cadet Upclose
I was able to capture this in one street parade.
PMA War Relics
Heavy metal Sherman M-4A1 Medium Tank 
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) Armaments: 
 Primary : 25MM Auto cannon (Oerlikon KBA B02)

J a n e ‘s¬†
Heavy Metal 
The Bell UH-1 “Huey” Helicopter

PMA Cadets Lopez Hall of Leaders   PMA Cadets Attention
PMA Pass and Review
PMA Cadets Marching
Silent Drill
Best times to photograph PMA cadets whilst visiting Baguio City …
Yearly Baguio Flower Festival every February …
Baguio Charter Day Sept 01…
PMA Graduation

For more update information, visit Philippine Military Academy website.
Selfless Service to God and Country …Honor … Excellence

“If your action inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader” ~John Quincy Adams

Selected North Luzon Philippines Destinations

Palaui Island, Sta. Ana
Badoc Island
San Fernando


Banaue Bangaan Batad
Ampucao, Itogon
Harrison Road
Mines View
Baguio Century Totem
Outlook Drive
Wright Park Horse Stable Hill
Baguio City White House
Leonard Wood Road
Teachers’ Camp
Leonard Wood Road


The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Behind the Scenes Skateboarding Photography

Get stoked! Shoot SK8 !   

If you’re waiting for¬†sick airs, backsides, caballerials, carves, fakies, FS 549, goffy foot, grinds, crooked grinds, 50-50 grinds, smith grinds, two grinds, kickflips,hellflips,McTwists, Mongo-foot, Nollies, No Comply 180, Noseslide, pops, boardslides, regular foot, tailslides, pop shove-its, top guns, varial kick flips, varial heel flips, 360 flips, Ollie norths, laser flips, hards flips, inwards heel flips …. yadah. yadah, yadah¬†… i don’t give any¬†guarantees …’Nuff said …Grind!

My teen memory is so fresh just like yesterday. Shooting a skateboard event is definitely not for the faint-hearted, un-initiated photographer … Well this is my sort of getting shock and awe right smack in the face for the first time!

Let me initiate you. 
I arrived just as when everyone at the venue was in prep mode like kinda starting to set-up your brand new skateboard. 

CASUALLY BLEND IN. Come in wearing your ordinary street/skate tees, jeans, regular sneakers and your favorite skate thug-cap. Don’t ever dress up like a media reporter else you get more eyeballs following your every move.
 ALWAYS BE READY to take ACTION scenes 
that UNEXPECTEDLY come your way…

Skateboard rails … open-air cum closed gym …all not yet set-up.

POINTS OF INTEREST (hint) Beginning … click! …¬†Click! Middle …

Note: End photo¬†shots will be during the contest proper …
when the skaters use this thingamajig.  
BEHIND THE SCENES– underscored… means you have to be KEEN on keeping tabs UNIQUE human interest photo subjects.¬†
Looks can be deceiving. 
Who knows this little girl might be a better skater 
than all of the boys. 
Drill this, you are behind the scenes doing CANDID photo shots. 
If you have prime lens use ’em.¬†
juxtaposition/fill-in the frame composition shots..Google! 
Use the stage and take WIDE VANTAGE level shots. 
Documenting in one go what is happening at the venue. 
Bring prime wide angle lens 11mm Р18mm. 
Oops, I used a crop sensor DSLR camera.
Full-frame DSLR / mirrorless plus wide angle lens–> the better!¬†
If you like to risk 
say, your Leica getting bricked, 
it’s your choice …¬†
BUILD INTEREST on WHERE you¬†are …¬†
so the event’s¬†venue¬†
is an open air basketball court 
beside the road …¬†
Well¬†it’s in the wide shot already …¬†
but it was just a little bit info …¬†
Add the¬†stage peeps + roadside view…
include a passing car up …
The stage was set-up with a rock cum death metal concert gear … again, take vantage candid pre-concert scene shots…¬†
Went up the cement stairway…
Be aware of the different peeps …roles …¬†
Don’t get carried by side scenes …
Here’s the DJ!
SK8boarder prep-ing …¬†
Click candid!
Next …
Sk8boarders just sitting in pairs .. click!
Sk8boarders just warming their a_s_s in one row  .. click!
Now, get a shot of the stage on the basketball/gym floor ….¬†
Emphasize what’s on the concert stage …click!
Sk8boarder hammering away ! click! …
Sk8boarders footloose ! click! ….
Get upclose shots … don’t be a push-over …¬†
The¬†Sk8board ramp assembly/set-up …Beginning!
Frame ’em well… Middle shot! …
Again, venue goings on … gym wide shot
SK8 ….Colors, colors …¬†

SK8board ramp…final shot…¬†
Remember a beginning-middle-end of a photo subject storyline.

Connect products…like an energy drink SK8ters drink¬†
…adds spice to story ….¬†

Play with available ambient lights and shadows. 

Next stop … Sk8¬†competition proper …ACTION/SPORTS photography¬†

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Definitely, NO Poseurs! 


The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Baguio City Horses

If you happen to be in Baguio City, never miss out on the experience of seeing and/or riding a horse. Horseback riding is one of the local sources of livelihood and a contributor to the local labor/tourism industry indices.


Horseback riding with a guide in the Baguio forests is not only fun and therapeutic, like a sort of open- eyed meditation whilst plugged in with your relaxing Zen music Enjoy the nature scenery of Baguio.


Wright Park Horse Tree Area is a forested area located at Baguio City adjacent to Pacdal Circle rotunda beside Jose Rizal Elementary School which is used primarily as a sun shade and horseback riding promenade for visiting tourists and locals. The area is encircled by an unpaved soil horse track which becomes muddy when it rains and dusty during summertime.

Horse riders can also explore and go inside its forested area with their horse guides. This promenade is well lit at night by a good number of streetlights.

Wright Park Horse Tree Area is one of the few sought after and highly recommended city tourist attraction/destination to learn guided and basic horse riding.

Get your children, friends, family members, relatives, visitors experience their first horse ride. There is no substitute for the great outdoors as it embeds deep experiences of the young and old compared to handheld/desktop device-driven technology which is ephemeral/short-lived entertainment.

If you’re inexperienced or just too scared to ride the horse alone, Baguio City Pony Boy’s horseback riders, guides can assist you and also ride the horse with you.

If you’re into model/portrait photography …
or you want to take a cool picture of your girlfriend …
Pose them riding on a horse and can surely make a lot of difference … Epic shots!¬†
As I’ve just mentioned earlier, the horseback riding activities are for ordinary city tourists/locals.¬†However, if you’re into serious equine-nature photography, humbly, here are some suggestions.

Start the day by waking up very early, I suggest around 5:30 am so you can shoot Baguio sunrise in the forest.

You will not miss  Wright Park Horse Stable Hill which is  a natural setting where horse activities like stable horse caretakers feeding their horses, grazing, etc., can be observed and photographed.

You can get good action captured by the moment sunrise equine and stable horse caretaker/owner photos. 

If you miss out the early morning, there are also midday/noon horse feeding activities you can photograph.


Photo documenting equine horse grooming is best candidly.¬†Bring and use a telephoto lens.¬†Horse stable boys/caretakers¬†bathing their horses.¬†General rule: No horse gets to their day’s business (horseback rental) without getting a¬†decent bath.
General rule: No horse gets to their day's business (horseback rental) without getting a decent bath

Photo documenting equine horse grooming is best candidly.
Horse stable boys/caretakers bathing their horses.

Horse stable boys/caretakers bathing their horses.

Proper and well prepped equine
with horse bridle, saddle, cowboy hat, etc., 
(leather custom made horse accessories 
locally made in Baguio City)
Well prepped horses are lined up for rent at 
Wright Park Pony Boy’s Association Horse Staging Area.
Equine Grazing at Wriht Park Horse Stable Hill Baguio CityPhilippines

Horses are¬†grazing¬†animals.I love taking photos of grazing horses in the wild.¬†In Baguio¬†forests, you’ll never miss out one seeing one horse grazing at Baguio City Wright¬†Park Horse Stable Hill.Capture images of horses grazing especially during sunrise do add to the sense of composition, lighting, etc., in your photographs.

Near the Horse’s stable hill is the¬†Wright Park Forest Tree Hill can be found right after Wright Park Pony Boy’s Association Staging Area where you can take nature shots.

Usually, horse stable caretakers/owners leave their horses unattended on site So you can take as many pictures from a safe distance again, without disturbing the horses whilst feeding/grazing.

Word of advice, use a telephoto lens or just keep a safe distance from the horse since they don’t want to be disturbed during their yummy grass¬†break times.

Use the shade where partially lit areas to expose the horse.


Simply put, at the end of the day, a horse owner, stable boy, caretaker, horse guide goes home with a decent hard day’s money for himself/his family of course also for his horse.

P.S. Some equine sites include Camp John Hay.


Don’t Hold Back Your Visit to Baguio City White Haunted House

Baguio City White House

Most people say …¬†
is notoriously dubbed as a haunted house …

You just want to prove that you’re brave …¬†
Ghost haunting is fashionably cool …¬†

or you / your friends 
just want to experience something different …

Believe it or not …¬†
Even during daytime, 
probably time and space have another meaning …¬†
The air is unworldly …¬†

Ascend the wooden stairwell… it creeks …
Do you have what it takes? …
To go inside …¬†
any¬†further? ¬†…

The windows look inside your soul …¬†
Probing your primal fear …
Getting on your nerves …

The electric light flicker ¬†… ¬†

as you get in a trance-like state  

the beauty of¬†its architecture ¬†…¬†
subtle and deceiving …¬†

Twilight’s last gleaming …¬†
you are now paralyzed …¬†
unable to even utter a single word…¬†
the house has now taken over your senses …

Yes you / all … reading this blog ….¬†
Do visit sometime … the sooner! …¬†

Come inside the haunted house …
if you dare …¬†

Macabre …

How Not Knowing Baguio Flora Makes You a Flower Expert

The flower which is single need not envy the thorns that are numerous. 
~Rabindranath Tagore

Baguio Petty Mini Rose
My appreciation of flowers started when I¬†was very young as my grandfather (one best green thumb gardening mentor ) who in his spare time grew beautiful Baguio flowers. Thus, when I got older and wiser and imbued with the self-realization that always starts wth a pure intent of giving respect to Mother Nature which caused my mind’s eye to open up and translate vision using a camera. ¬†

Humbly, here’s a collection of various Baguio City flowers that came my way whilst exercising photography skills throughout time. Enjoy.¬†


Humble Beginnings
I started taking digital pictures with a low-resolution smartphone. Then i got hold of a hand-me-down bridge camera from my sister. This kept my enthusiasm steadily warming up, unbound.       

The white flower as shown below

is a decent attempt where I
 used  a mobile phone.

Samsung Omnia i900 Windows Mobile camera image

When the camera bug bites, there is no cure.¬†Then, slowly but surely, I transitioned¬†using DSLR camera from camera enthusiast buddies.¬†To categorize my floral pursuits, I dubbed my first album “Pickin’ Up Some Pieces” which started way back 2006.

Nikon D40 DSLR image

On a final note, it doesn’t take one to become an expert to know flowers. It just takes a moment to appreciate nature’s¬†wonderful creations.

Baguio Century Totem

Baguio Century Totem
Baguio Century Totem

Once a living century old tree, now reborn with a new leash in life dubbed as Baguio Century Totem.
Cordillera local artists gave new life to this century tree by infusing their ideas/concepts of a world class totem artwork by carving Cordillera inspired designs.

The century totem is located in Baguio City at the crossing of Apostol Street and Outlook Drive Road which is near Mines View Observation Deck/Kiosk.

You won’t miss this tourist attraction. Here’s some links to view Baguio Century Totem in larger display.

Baguio Century Totem Artwork
Baguio Century Artwork

Cordillera Administrative Region, CAR

Mines View Observation Deck

Mines View Sunrise
Mines View Sunrise

Mines View Observation Deck among other site activities is a venue especially for photographers who love landscape photography. The site is peaceful and quiet from 5 am-6 am when few tourists start to arrive. 

Mines View Kiosk
Mines View Kiosk

 The observation deck is located at Mines View, Baguio City, Philippines. the place is popular for its landmark, the Mines View Kiosk
Mines View Dawn Panorama
Mines View at Dawn

Mines View Dawn Upclose

Enjoy the breathtaking landscape panorama of e.g., Benguet’s Itogon views. The place offers one of the best sunrise landscape photography.There is no entrance free and the place is open until 8 p.m. So, if you happen to be in Baguio City, Philippines, don’t forget to be early and drop by Mines View Observation Deck.

CAR, Cordillera Administrative Region

Baguio Night Market

Baguio Night Market
Baguio Night Market 
Baguio Night Market is located at Harrison Road, Baguio City, Philippines. 

Baguio Night Market Crowd
Baguio Night Market Crowd

The  night activities (e.g., late night thrift buying which also include street food buying/eating, etc.,)  which starts at around 9 p.m. and ends around 2 a.m. and at certain exceptions where street buying activities ends at around 12 midnight (when business is slow). 

Baguio Night Market Street Food
Baguio Night Market Street Food / Crowd
Baguio Night Market Streetfood Scenes
Baguio Night Market Street Food / Crowd

The night market runs 7 days a week. Sharpen your price haggling skills and join the fray.

Baguio Night Market Livelihood
Baguio Night Market Livelihood


Cordillera Administrative Region, CAR