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Self Portrature DSLR timed shot at Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao Philippines at the background

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How Chasing Sunsets at Palaui Island Harbor Could Get You On OMG! Insider

Glorious Dusj Siwangag Cove Palaui Island Philippines
The Rewards of Serendipity 
San Vicente Port Cagayan Philippines Docked Motorized Outrigger Boat
I arrived at Port San Vicente Sta Ana Cagayan. A perfect sunny day and started doing photo documentation of the place. 
At San Vicente Port Cagayan Philippines Docked Motorized Outrigger Boat
Not much going around due to the time of the day. I was still groggy from the slow turtle paced bus ride i took from Baguio to Lallo, Tuguegarao then took a mini-bus finally arrived at San Vicente port.
San Vicente, Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines the end of the highway up north
I noticed something unusual about this parked red plated government SUV here near the wharf on a weekend… connect the dots.¬†I also see a RORO¬†at the far end of the port and by the way, this is where the Philippine North Luzon highway road ends (physically and literally). For me, that’s a personal record.¬†
Port San Vicente Wharf Up close Coastal Dusk Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines
On the same day, I came back to San Vicente wharf in the afternoon and rented a motorized outrigger boat headed to Siwangag Cove. The golden hour was starting to happen and in photography, this is the best times to take images due to the high quality of the light.
Left is Palui Island and Right is Port San Vicente Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines
The sea was smooth and the motorized outrigger boat was quite fast and the journey was comfortable. I’m in good hands.
Leaving San Vicente Port and wharf at the background riding a motorized outrigger boat Philippines
Notice the orange lifejacket. It’s a must to wear one so i complied. Safety first. The fishermen were exempted i guess. *Laughs*
Leaving San Vicente Port Cagayan Philippines and wharf at the background riding a motorized outrigger boat
Truth to the fact that of all the boat rides, the motorized outrigger boats of Sta Ana Cagayan is one of the best that I’ve ever ridden. The boat just skims over the water with grace and ease and you don’t feel any bumps or even feel the waves. I never got sea sick.
Port San Vicente Cagayan at the background
Worth noting are the driving “sailing” skills of two fisherman who runs the boat. One steers the boat and another a hand serves as the lookout at the backend. A well-coordinated tag team partnership.¬†
Fishing Boats Sta Ana Cagayan Isolated Sea Rain Coastal Dusk
Along the way, we meet a passing motorized outrigger boat speeding back to land. The sky was getting pronounced in sunset colours. 
Sta Ana Cagayan Isolated Sea Rain Coastal Dusk
This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed an isolated rainfall at sea in my life. Like a rainfall zone. Hmm… very unusual … climate change tell-tale signs …¬†
Dusk View of Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines
We were passing Palaui Island and the dusk skies was a glorious sight.
Beautiful Dusk Palaui Island Coastal View Cagayan Philippines
In meditation. I was just a detached observer. To get steady shots, I have to use my camera tripod as support. Also, always stayed seated during the boat ride as balance and safety were essential.  
Palaui Usland Coastal View
Just appreciating the unspoiled beauty of Palaui Island as we head to it and drawing nearer.
Palaui Island Upclose
Nearer … and closer to Palaui Island.
Northern Luzon Straight Dusk Near Siwangag Palaui Harbor Island and Camiguin Island(Horizon) Sta. Ana, Cagayan
At the distance is Northern Luzon Straight where we see Camiguin Island where dusk is currently painting the sky and seas. At the moment we’re sailing Siwangag Harbor.
Fishing Boats Siwangang Harbor Dusk Near Siwangag Palaui Island
You won’t miss out on the active fishermen folks¬†busy with the daily livelihood grind. Again, capturing this scene was a bonus. I left the frame uncropped to add parts of the outrigger boat to situate the shot taken on the boat.
Glorious Dusj Siwangag Cove Palaui Island Philippines
I arrived at Siwangag Cove on Palaui Island. I just appreciated the fact that I made it on time and made the best of the situation. I wanted to go right on the other side of the mountain to witness the full sunset, however, by some unexplained natural forces kept me and compose this exposure shot.
eaving Siwangag Cove cyrstal Clear Waters Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines .
Leaving is such a sweet sorrow. As sundown was imminent. For more information of the Siwangag cove, do check out my earlier blog

Northern Luzon Straight Dusk Near Siwangag Harbor Palaui Island
Whilst in deep meditation watching sundown at Siwangag harbor, I immediately head out back to Sta Ana. Another 30 minutes of boat ride going back to land. I realized that now that i got inside Palaui Island, probably i am an insider.

On ¬†a quick note, the sunset chase was a also personal success…¬†

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