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Self Portrature DSLR timed shot at Batad Rice Terraces Ifugao Philippines at the background

Do check out a summary of my selected North Luzon, Philippines Travel Destinations below ūüôā

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How Kiteboarding Photography Is Not As Bad As You Think

Kiteboarding to me all started out of curiosity.

Kiteboarding Event Photographer Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

If you’ve tried before shooting surfers on a beach and it’s just about the same. If not, and just read on.¬†This is my first time to experience doing a coastal shoot in this place called Puro Beach at Pinget Island, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
I arrived around 10 a.m. and I was lucky that the sky was overcast. Lo and behold a coastal local woman vendor who was busy setting up her snack store.
Halo Halo Vendor Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
Just be ready to take instant candid pictures.
youth Making Sandcastles Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
Also, I surveyed the place to find young boys building a sand castle. This is one side scene photo shoot opportunity. 
We Are Like A Grain  of Sand of the Earth
A freeze the moment … a sort of beach extract …
Siesta Halo Halo Vendor Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
When I got back to the food vending shack, the old woman running it was taking a siesta/nap.
Kiteboarding Venue Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
I strolled around to survey the kiteboarding venue … still it was too early.¬†
Summer Thrist Quencher and Heat Cooler Filipino Halo Halo
When I got back … the woman vendor was preparing halo-halo ..Yes! timing was just perfect during a very hot afternoon… I bought one cup of yumminess … and ¬†…
Summer Thrist Quencher and Heat Cooler Filipino Halo Halo Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines ce Shaver Summer Thrist Quencher and Heat Cooler Filipino Halo Halo 

Coastal Fishermen Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

after the second cup of cool halo halo … I still lingered around the cool shade of the food vendor’s shack and started shooting away …¬†

Coastal Biker Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
Unexpected passersby … captured by the moment plus middle framing …
Kiteboarder Testing Gear Set up

After which I saw a kiteboarder testing his gear … another photo opportunity. I just kept distance shooting with a 50mm prime lens.

Kiteboarding Ilocos Sur Puro Beach Pinget Island Magsingal Philippines

Kiteboarder Warming Up Testing the Wind

Although there were no security guidelines, I¬†just shoot at a distance … Keep in mind that we don’t want to disturb or get in the way of the event or the participants.¬†

Kiteboarding Ilocos Sur

One composition approach I usually use is to reduce negative space by placing the subject matter or juxtaposing it to the interesting foreground. In this case, the parked motorized outrigger boat. The result, it fills the frame and tells more story and also adds depth Рforeground (boat) Рmiddle ground (kiteboarder) Рbackground (horizon clouds).

Man's Best Friend BFF's
This time around, a young boy patting with his dog…Best friends forever (BFF’s) theme in the foreground… as the kiteboarders get busy in the background. Here, lots of stories can be captured in one go… just practice with lots of patience in anticipating the shot.¬†
Riding In Tandem

Earlier was a solo bike rider, now, it’s ¬†motorcycle … a riding in tandem theme shot. Framing the shot between the boats adds balance and tightens the focus towards the two riders coupled with fill in the frame – juxtaposed – shot.¬†

Kite Boarder

My photo shoot was kinda inadvertently interrupted with a kiteboarder dropping for a cool bottled mineral water. I humbly advise that you be alert and immediately connect with a story. His tees got an event message – Get Blown! ¬†I took a “decapitated” body shot. For privacy reasons. If he flags me down, I’ll just show him the shot and I am¬†in a safe zone. No identity can be anybody shot.¬†

I resumed shooting, this time around a bystander watching the kiteboarder do his thing.
Kitebording Venue
By this time in the afternoon, lots of people now proceed to the main venue.
Kiteboarders Ilocos Sur Puro Beach Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines
Kiteboarding participants … all hands full…
Coastal Children Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

Captured by the moment approach again adds spice to your kiteboarding photography. I waited for the children to be in the frame as the kiteboarder at the background was strutting his stuff.

Coastal Kiteboarding Colours Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

More people flock at the venue. The colorful mix of the kites and flags produces a cool composition. Again, juxtapositioning and fill-in the frame photography techniques were employed.

Kiteboarding National Open KTA Ilocos Sur Puro Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

Since I was just visiting the place, I took this shot just to photo document the event venue and their official competition banner.

Bikes and Flags Kiteboarders
This is one of my favorite fill in the frame so tightly shot. Also, do look up and research street photography techniques as they also work well when photo documenting sporting events.
Puro Beach Pinget Island Magsingal Ilocos Sur
An intentional panoramic shot which is intended to get the beach landscape, the docked/parked boats, the cool food vendor shack at the left where most of the time I spent time in the shade. It was my first time to shoot a kiteboarding event and it was not bad after all. 
Next hurdle is for me to find a place to stay for the night …¬†
Read on and continue on my travel adventure …


Selected North Luzon Philippines Destinations

Palaui Island, Sta. Ana
Badoc Island
San Fernando


Banaue Bangaan Batad
Ampucao, Itogon
Harrison Road
Mines View
Baguio Century Totem
Outlook Drive
Wright Park Horse Stable Hill
Baguio City White House
Leonard Wood Road
Teachers’ Camp
Leonard Wood Road


Why Beat the Heat is the 51st Shade of Gray

My camera tripod and fast melting ice cream
Summer in the Philippines feels like a hot¬†oven exhaust.There’s no amount of fresh, cool ice cream that can sooth one’s overheated body from ultimately cooling off. This brings me to a time travel in the past when I was doing a sunset shoot and boy the day was burning hot. An unforgiving punisher.¬†
For quite some time, I’ve¬†gathered quite a few images of coastal beach landscapes, seascapes and whilst it’s summertime why not I share these pictures and give you an idea of some travel destinations up North Luzon, Philippines so you can, ¬†ultimately beat the heat!¬†


This is a hidden destination which only a few know, mostly locals.
I dovetailed a separate blog link here for you to find out. 
Click Now!

The nearest coastal place to where I live is San Juan, La Union and it’s literally the surfing kingdom of North Luzon.
In surfing age is just a number A young local surfer ripping the waves
Dude ! Bring binoculars and bay watch

Urbiztondo, San, Juan, La Union

Stone Gatherer of Luna La Union Philippines

In Luna La Union (Ilocos Sur) the beaches there are not recommended for swimming, however, it is a destination to chill out and enjoy the cool coastal wind, cool brine sea sprays. 
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 Sinait Coastal viewing Badoc Sanctuary Island  Badoc Sanctuary Island

Siwangag Cove

Some destinations have cool hidden rewards awaiting at the end. Whilst trekking Batad Rice Terraces always tell your local Ifugao guide to get you to Tappiyah Waterfalls. Tourists, locals enjoy a swim at the clear and cool water spot.

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The Unconventional Guide to the 8th Wonder of the World 

Coastal Dusk and Dawn of Northern Philippines

Sneak Preview! Fun in progress …

Here are some North Luzon Philippines coastal beaches / beach images 
that i took during dusk and dawn. 
I’ll leave the images to do the storytelling.¬†
Enjoy! ūüėé

San Juan La Union

San Juan Beach Sunset Tourist Pose
San Juan Beach Sunset Tourist Pose
San Juan Beach Fisherman Day's End
San Juan Beach Fisherman Day’s End
Sunset Shooter
Sunset Shooter

Narvacan Ilocos Sur


Luna La Union

 Cabugao, Ilocos Sur latest addition 3/10/2017

Cabugao Ilocos Sur Pool Sunset
Cabugao Ilocos Sur Pool Sunset


Pagsanaan Sur Magsingal Ilocos Sur

Pagsanaan Dawn

Serendipity brings one to unexpected and beautiful places.

Kite Surfing Competition at Pinget Island

Rewind back to a scene in time where my day started where i was doing a solo personal 

photo documentation of a kite surfing international competiton- (Featured separately in my blog) at Pinget Island, Puro Beach, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. 

Pinget Island coastal view
After the kite surfing photo documentation, i went exploring around Pinget “island” beach. I later found out that there are no hotels, inns in the area and only fisherman coastal community private dwellings/homes. ¬†¬†
Pinget Island Puro Beach Outrigger Motorboat What a Lucky Day
With good luck, I came across a fisherman’s area and inquired where to find the nearest hotel. I got a fisherman who said he knows a place and agreed to take me via a boat ride. I agreed. Cool! Boy! my¬†day was full of surprises. Good luck going my way.

Pinget Island Puro Beach Fisherman's son

Whilst i was still at Puro Beach before boarding is a little kid, the fisherman’s younger son helping his father handing him with his fishing net and a flashlight and raincoat.¬†

Pinget Island coastal view
So here we are with the fisherman’s older son helping his dad steer the outrigger boat away from the shoreline.
Pagsanaan Sur Coastal View Magsingal Ilocos Sur Philippines

At this juncture, we’re leaving Pinget Island’s Puro Beach as I ride the motorized outrigger motorboat.¬†

It was nearing sunset and here i am¬†riding a motorized outrigger boat in the front area whilst the father and son fishermen stayed at the back end.¬†I have to reach a place to stay overnight and here i see the coastal view. We’re getting midway.¬†

Fishermen (father and son) at Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal

Finally, we arrived at Pag-sa-na-an Sur, Magsingal. The coastal outrigger motorized boat ride was around 6 kilometers from Pinget Island, Puro Beach to Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal. Magsingal is a a third class municipality in the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines.


Here i am with a quick selfie (tripod mounted DSLR + wireless remote trigger) at Pagsanaan Sur, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur. Away from the hustle bustle of the city with just the subtle and peaceful sound of sea water waves. No blaring karaoke music and definitely no tourists or people around. It was me alone to enjoy what nature presents at the moment. It was kind of a destiny to be in a place where there are no tourists whilst there is a hotel and i did not plan to arrive at this place. Again, the blessings of trusting to serendipity.   

Serendipity brings one to unexpected and beautiful places like beaches.

Pagsanaan Sur Dawn at lowtide 
I woke up around 4:30 a.m. It was a good night’s rest. I prepared myself and photographic gear ¬†to a dawn/sunrise seascape shoot. The sound of crickets chirping tells me it will be a very good day. Pagsanaan didn’t disappoint. It was lowtide and i got to capture beautiful images of sky to sea reflection at dawn.
Pagsanaan Daybreak at lowtide
To document for posterity purposes this unplanned adventure, i decided to again to do a quick sellfie (tripod mounted DSLR + wireless remote trigger). Click!

Before going to breakfast, i took this final image of Pagsanaan Sur. 

Calle Crisologo Moonlight Serenade

Vigan Calle Crisologo
Calle Crisologo

One of my super moon chase adventures took me at Vigan City’s¬†Calle Crisologo¬†(Philippines)¬†during the wee after hours to capture this image. The silence was deafening. It’s quite challenging especially i was alone and the streets were deserted. Not a soul stirred. Its good that i did not entertain horror movie thoughts. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have achieved my goal. What kept me going was just sheer determination and God as company. ¬†¬†

Calle Crisologo Vigan City Moonlight Serenade II Philippines

Calle Crisologo